Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pick One

Just in case you need help picking a character, I am providing a list of ones that have yet to be selected.

Emory Baddis - Teresa Banks
Old Bellhop - BOB
Major Garland Briggs - Betty Briggs
Denis(e) Bryson - Sheriff Cable
Cappy Ron Kirk - Gordon Cole
Chester Desmond - Windom Earle
Caroline Earle - Philip Gerard(One Armed Man/Mike)
The Giant - Roger Hardy
Deputy Hawk - Dr. William Hayward
Eileen Hayward - Gersten Hayward
Harriet Hayward - Ben Horne
Jerry Horne - Sylvia Horne
Johnny Horne - Dr. Lawrence Jacoby
Phillip Jeffries - Norma Jennings
Hank Jennings - Leo Johnson
Jonathan Kumagai - Darryl Lodwick
Jeffrey Marsh - Catherine Martell
Dougie Milford - Mayor Dwayne Milford
Little Nicky - Ernie Niles
Nancy O'Reilly - Andrew Packard
Sarah Palmer - Jacques Renault
Jean Renault - Bernard Renault
Carl Rodd - Albert Rosenfield
Sid - Singer (in Black Lodge)
Harold Smith - Sam Stanley
Judge Clinton Sterwood - Rusty Tomaski
Dick Tremayne - Mrs. Tremond (older)
Mrs. Tremond (daughter) - John Justice Wheeler

A lot of the main charactors have been double booked, which is fine...
As long as they are pulled off well.

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